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About time for a couple of specials!

Lately I have been a victim of the dreaded baby brain and although this can be frustrating for me, it has resulted in two bright and colourful opportunities for you!

The first faux pas on my part was mistakenly using unicorn rope to create a bitless bridle order.. only to realise (too late of course) that I was meant to be using black rope 🤦 This means I have a beautiful cob sized bitless bridle base in unicorn waiting to be snapped up and have your colour/s of choice added for the noseband and accents. And to sweeten the deal I will take $10 off the price! ($60 reduced from $70)

If you are interested in adding a unicorn bitless bridle to your tack room, flick me an email ( with your paracord colour choice/s and your postal address and we can get that organised pronto 😊

*please note this offer does not include a browband or reins*

Unicorn bridle base
My second bright and colourful offer is this stunning green and purple diamond patterned paracord. I actually have no recollection of when I ordered this or how long I have had it buried at the back of my paracord stash but I think it deserves to be seen!
If it catches your eye like it caught mine and you would like to incorporate it into one of my designs, send me an email ( and we can start chatting.. but know that I only have a limited amount of this colour so once it is gone, it is gone! 😳
And because this is a post of specials I will also happily take $5 off any item created using this paracord colour!
Green and purple diamond

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