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Bodywork sessions are back!

I can't believe I haven't made a blog post in here since I went on maternity leave... Whoops! πŸ˜…

We welcomed our little girl on the 25th May 2021 and it feels like we just blinked and she turned 18 months old last week. I started working again taking orders on a very part time basis when she was about 5 or so months old but I figured I would just let it happen organically and not push it. Needless to say it has been pretty quiet but I've had a few orders trickle in over that time. I've also got some ideas for new products and changes to existing pieces on the way so watch this space!

I have over the last few weeks started to have that itch to put hands on horses again. After some organising of how child minding will work I have decided I am officially back to doing bodywork sessions in the Whangarei and surrounding areas! Sessions will be offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays or weekends if required ☺️

You can find out more about bodywork, prices and how to book on the home page but for any further questions or to book, flick me an email at 🐎


I took Terra up to Barge Park to watch everyone at the recent Horse Trials which she loved... Wearing her hat? Not so much πŸ˜‚

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