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But which bodywork?

Have you ever experienced a type of therapy or bodywork and felt wonderful afterwards but spoken to other people later on who have tried the same thing and not felt much difference?

This is completely normal. We are all so individual and respond to different techniques – and horses are just the same. It’s about finding what modality works best for your horse. There are so many bodywork modalities out there these days and it can be difficult to know what would be the best choice for your horse. Ultimately it comes down to WHY your horse needs bodywork. Is there a pre existing issue, a new injury or do you just want to help them relax? Are they sore or tense, struggling with particular movements or do you just want to treat them to a feel good session?

All of these are valid reasons to be looking into bodywork for your best friend. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, as there is such a broad range of techniques available… osteopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy through to Bowen, Masterson and sports massage (just to name a few, the list really could go on!)

I use the Masterson Method® technique, a very interactive approach that works by helping the horse to release accumulated tension in the body. It includes a range of techniques – some light touch/meridian based and some movement based - and I will use a variation of these, depending on how each horse responds and what issues are present. I have seen some horses who respond pretty well to this particular style, some who just can't get enough and there has also been the odd one that seems to prefer a firmer touch or technique!

Do your research on what each modality entails and think about what your horse is presenting with.. these things will all determine what treatment type will be the best choice and if in doubt, ask a qualified therapist – they will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help your horse feel its best!


A more detailed description of the Masterson Method can be found on my home page or at If you have any questions about your horse and bodywork you can contact me at 


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