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  • I'm back!

    I've been inactive for a year but had a very good reason why! Coming back soon with an updated range, new products and limited bodywork sessions.
  • Another media discovered...

    I'm now an embroidery convert! With too many ideas for my limited wall space these will be uploaded for sale as the ideas come to me.
  • Information for a bodywork session

    Massage & Bodywork Information The Masterson Method is a unique and light touch method of equine massage and bodywork in which both the respons...
  • Bodywork sessions are back!

    Time really does fly!

    Terra is now 18 months old and I am ready to get hands on horses again!

  • Maternity leave countdown - 30 days to go!

    With just 30 days until my due date I figured I should talk about how ordering will go for the next few months!
  • About time for a couple of specials!

    Baby brain is sadly affecting me of late.. but is resulting in a couple of bright and colourful specials for you!
  • But which bodywork?

    There are so many bodywork modalities out there these days and it can be difficult to know which would be the best choice for your horse.