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I'm back!

Its been quite some time since I posted here - over a year in fact! 😅 And I realise I never posted why before disappearing.

I took time off to welcome our second little girl who came in the first week of January. I've been wanting to get back into things for a while but juggling two littles - especially when the smallest one is a very clingy barnacle - has made it a little tricky. I have limited windows during the week when hubs is home and can occupy tiny humans so I can do things. As a result any orders I take on will (much like when my first girl was little) will be done as quickly as I can but I cannot guarantee a fast turnaround or an exact completion time.
I am currently going through my products list, sorting out what I want to keep and what I want to retire, and some new things that are coming! I am also hoping to have a range of pre-made things listed for sale on the website soon. 
I also want to do some bodywork sessions, but that will definitely be on the limited side as I can't have poor Nana come out with us that often to childmind - she still works too 😂 So I'm sorry for ghosting everyone but it was for good reason ❤️
Photo taken at Hoiho Hauora Hapori, where I take the girls (and myself) for a horse fix fortnightly. Ranger is an absolute sweetheart (and tiny) and I trust him implicitly which is why I was willing to do a micro session while wearing a sleeping baby.

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  • Hi Elan, welcome back! Let me know when you are ready for bodywork again for my ponies! Best regards Thiri


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