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Maternity leave countdown - 30 days to go!

Today marks 30 days until my due date so I figured I should talk about how things will go for the next few months!Β 
I don't actually want to stop taking orders completely but I feel like I should be sensible and give myself a wee while to focus on learning the momma ropes and take every spare moment I can to sleep πŸ˜‰
While I am no longer seeing bodywork clients (I struggle with a lot of movements and have to lie down a lot now πŸ˜‚) I will be continuing to take orders up until two weeks before my due date (15th May) - the plan being that all orders *should* be completed and out with the courier before baby girl arrives! 🀞
If she decides to surprise us and arrive early while I still have orders in progress, I will do my best to get those completed and out to you as soon as I can but obviously I won't be able to guarantee an ETA so please be aware of this before ordering between now and the 15th!
As far as when I will be opening up for regular orders or taking bodywork clients again, that I'm not going to decide that just yet - I am going to play it by ear and will let you all know both on my blog and social media 😊
I have a large (and steadily growing) list of new product ideas which I am excited to get underway but obviously that will have to wait until a little later onΒ - so keep your eye on my accounts to see when those drop (and I promise to keep baby photo spam to a minimum!)Β 
Elan x

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